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Hi, my name is, "Kp", for short.  The mother of three blessed children & I have been writing since 1993. I have been responsible for providing outstanding inspirational poems ever since. I have filmed in two Independent films. One in the ATL in 2004 as Sherice, a baby Momma with drama in "My Bachelor Party" the comedy through High Rolla Films with "Diamond K" as the Director along with another film at DC's Howard University in 2006 as District Attorney Beamer in "Temporary Dreams". I am interested in more opportunities. 


Sometimes writing is a passion & natural, but other times that's not the case.  I've been really shy throughout the years to an extent, but ready to face my fears & exit this comfort zone.  I'm hoping this will allow others to recognize my creativity and open a door for future advancement.   I give all credit to our mighty God, in which I am covered in the blood.  All praises are given.


Born and raised all over the City and Suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland.  As a child, she would read poetry written by the late Langston Hughes & Maya Angelou, just to name a few. Her 1st poem was written the evening before Valentine's day called, "A High School Crush" for a high school basketball player she had a crush on.  After her 1st poem, her classmates request more be written for them & she was compensated.  A great beginning of not only writing, but being an Entrepreneur.


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